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HVAC Air Duct Line 3

HVAC Auto Duct Production Line 3


The duct line can do blanking for duct、productiion for TDF、Angle steel、TDC angle steel flange and TDC flange can be bent to square-shaped duct automatically.


Auto duct line 3 can drive blanking for duct. Meantime, it's very suitable for multi-production like TDF/angle steel/inserted flange forming, the angle steel flange and inserted flange can be bent into square-shaped pipe automatically.

Air Duct Lin 3

Performance features:

1) Aluminium alloy suspension arm makes the machine easy to operate.

2) The build-in control cabinet reduces wiring as a whole structure and makes it easy to move.

3) The imported configuration is very stable and comfortable to use.

Basic Configuration:

1) One electric coil cradles,2 material trays(5-7T each roll).

2) One set of leveling and bearing equipment.

3) Hydraulic angle-shearing machine with four sets of die.

4) Hydraulic sheet-shearing machine, hydraulic bending machine, hydraulic press machine.

5) A set of CNC computer control system and prodution software.


Main Import Configuration:

1) Germany Siemens CNC system+Schneider electrical system.

2) Beijing Huade or hydraulic system from Taiwan.

3) Japan Omron encoder.

Main Technical Parameters:

Air Duct Line 3
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