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HVAC Air Duct Line 5U

U Shape Auto duct production Line 5


One piece of L film is completed in 20-25 seconds


It's mainly for TDF /angle steel/C-shape flange forming with daily processing capability of 1000-2500 square meters. Only with inputting dimensions in duct, production line can automatically complete uncoiling, leveling , beading, punching, shearing, locking, forming TDF/angle steel/C-shaped flange and folding.


The HVAC Auto duct line 5U type, composed of a decoiler, leveler grooving unit, notching unit, cutting unit, bending unit,reciprocating lock former unit, feed extraman unit, duplex flange (angle iron & TDF), automatic folder unit composition;In addition to the above standard configuration, the duct production line can according to customer demand with the support of punching of the reinforce holes unit, C & S flange connection required for notching unit and forming unit,It's a fully automatic production lines in the true sense.

HVAC Air Duct Line 5U

Performance features:

1) The machine is U-shaped,easy to install and it's suitable for small-sized or mid-sized work-shops because it occupies a small space.

2) The injection goles are used at both ends of the drive shaft,to enhance the bearing life.

3) Power bending function is used  to prevent generating the waste and make sure perfect bending accuracy.

4) It only takes 20-25 second to make one L-shaped workpiece and the efficiency will double comparing with the linear type.

5) Without moving back and forth the fixed locking machine is able to improve the efficiency.

6) All the rolling reels are made of bearing steel so that the lifetime prolongs by more than 5 times.

7) Under the material-saving mode of CNC system,waste is less than 20mm per roll.

8) With production memory functions,the productione orders can be tracked and checked.


Basic Configuration:

1) Two electric coil cradles,4 material trays(5-7T each roll).

2) One rack.

3) One host(line 2 host).

4) Two stainless steel roller conveyer platforms.

5) One fixed joint locking machine.

6) One duplex TDF flange forming machine.

7) One duplex angle steel flange forming machine.

8) One servo feeding platform.

9) One hydraulic folding machine.

10)One set of computer controlling system.


Main Import Configuration:

1) Cylinder imported from Germany Festo.

2) Beijing Huade or hydraulic system from Taiwan.

3) Special encoder from Japan Omron.

4) Taiwan Hiwin linear guideways.

5) Taiwan Delta CNC system.


Main Technical Parameters:

HVAC Air Duct Line 5U
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